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Know the Plastic Injection Molding Volumes

With more than 16,000 injection molding as well as plastic manufacturing facilities in the USA, there is no lack of companies to select from. When selecting a service provider, many factors need to be taken into account, including capabilities, high quality assurance, cost, company reputation, as well as delivery time. Choosing the best plastic injection molding to suit your needs might seem daunting, but managing your volume needs first and foremost – and just how they might shift over time – can help narrow down your choices.

plastic injection molding

As you’ll observe below, plastic injection molding providers usually focus on 1 of 3 volume category:

Low-Volume plastic injection molding

These suppliers focus on jobs requiring less than 10,000 parts. Aluminum tooling is usually utilized for these low-volume runs, permitting fast turnaround times. Low-volume producers are an ideal option for:

Prototyping – Simply because low-volume injection molding is a fast, affordable process, it’s well suited for quickly producing prototypes to check fit, form, function, as well as production-method practicality before finalizing the style.
Low-volume manufacturing runs – For applications which don’t require tens of thousands of parts, but nonetheless necessitate injection molding – such as several medical devices – low-volume plastic injection molding offers an efficient, cost-effective solution.
Market testing as well as pilot manufacturing – Low-volume molding can also be perfect for “bridge tooling,” tooling which bridges the space between small production operates for market testing as well as full-production tooling. This method is also utilized to get products shifting while full production tooling will be completed.

Mid-Volume plastic injection molding

These firms focus on medium-volume production operators, typically in between 10,000-750,000 parts. Based on run size, aluminum or even pre-hardened steel tooling is commonly useful for this process.

High-Volume plastic injection molding

A high-volume plastic injection molder focuses on jobs needing over 750,000 parts. Large-volume molders may reliably produce thousands and thousands of parts along with repeatable accuracy and quality. Since these high-volume professionals have committed to the best-quality solidified steel molds and also the most advanced technology, they sometimes only take orders of 750,000 parts or even more. At.

High-volume plastic injection molding not just permits high-tolerance precision, low scrap decline, and cost savings, additionally, it requires minimal post-production operate.

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Before getting in touch with a plastic injection molder, make sure to understand their capabilities to guarantee the possible best service and also turnaround times for the project.

When searching for a high-volume producer specifically, consider every aspect of the manufacturing procedure and also the company’s history of quality. Will they offer design, tool making, as well as manufacturing all in one place? Turnkey solutions assist streamline your plastic injection molding( procedure and save time.

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